Benefits of Sharing

There are many benefits to having shared piano lessons, particularly in a partner format.

Having a partner for piano lessons changes the whole learning dynamic. Be rid of the teacher-in-the-chair-student-on-the-piano-bench format, and welcome energy and excitement. Students thrive when there is another student to bounce ideas off of, perform for, and in some cases, compete with (in a friendly way, of course). In this way, piano lessons become even more of a social experience, which opens the door to creativity and love of learning.

Reduction in Performance Anxiety:
The best way to alleviate performance anxiety, or “stage fright”, is to perform in front of other people as often as possible. The shared lesson format offers each student the opportunity to perform in front of others often. Additionally, they can receive constructive feedback from their teacher and partner, as well as have opportunities to listen to other students perform on a regular basis.

Ensemble Opportunities:
Having several students at a time in the studio offers the opportunity to play music in groups, which is something that rarely happens in regular one-on-one lessons. This helps strengthen rhythm, ear training, and group performance skills. Not to mention, it’s FUN!

Partnering up for lessons helps remove the blah-factor from lessons. There is someone else there to keep you on your toes, and to encourage you to do your best.

There is always musical dialogue that occurs among students. This strengthens musical vocabulary, and helps solidify concepts they have learned.