Benefits of Music

Have you ever heard anyone say “I wish I had never learned to play the piano”? Probably not. Usually it’s the other way around, “I wish I had stuck with the piano when I was younger.”

There are so many benefits to children and adults inherent in learning to play a musical instrument, that it can only benefit the student.

Music sparks creativity and imagination. The benefits of creativity are numerous, particularly when it comes to problem-solving and learning to understand one’s environment. This is true for children as well as adults.

Learning to play the piano will help develop this skills because it requires the student to stay focused on one thing for a period of time. The student will learn to eliminate distraction and focus as they are rewarded by learning new songs and developing new skills.

Playing the piano develops hand-eye coordination skills. The student learns to know what their hands are doing without needing to look at them. This valuable skill will benefit the student in many other aspects of his or her life.

Patience and Perseverance:
We live in a society where if we can’t attain something we want quickly, we tend to no longer seek it. Learning to play the piano can develop the attributes of patience and perseverance. As the student continues to practice, they will find themselves improving. This will be a rewarding experience for them, and will help develop these valuable life lessons that will benefit the student continualRelaxation:

Music has been proven to reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate. It has been used therapeutically for years, and incorporating music into one’s life regularly can have many positive residual effects. There is also a calming satisfaction that comes from feeling confident and proud of one’s newfound ability.

The feeling of accomplishment, and the act of demonstrating to others what the student has learned, will help develop self-confidence. The is also evidence to suggest that those who express themselves creatively are more likely to become skilled communicators.

Academic Performance:
Researchers have also found a significant relationship between music instruction and positive performances in such areas as reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics, listening skills, primary mental abilities (verbal, perceptual, numeric, spatial) and motor skills.

These are only a few of the benefits that are supported by research! Children and adults can both benefit in visible ways from learning to play the piano.