Piano Lessons

Classes scheduled for
1 hour each week

Students are paired together to optimize their learning

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Shared Lessons

  • Dynamic: Having a partner for piano lessons changes the whole learning dynamic.
  • Reduction in Performance Anxiety
  • Ensemble Opportunities
  • Motivation
  • Socialization: There is always musical dialogue that occurs among students. This strengthens musical vocabulary, and helps solidify concepts they have learned.

These are just some of the benefits of shared lessons. Schedule a lesson today and see for yourself how well it works!

Music & Child Development

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I wish I had never learned to play the piano”? Probably not. Usually it’s the other way around, “I wish I had stuck with the piano when I was younger.” There are so many benefits to children and adults inherent in learning to play a musical instrument, that it can only benefit the student.

Here are some of the benefits that have been verified by research:






Academic Performance

Patience & Perseverance

These are only a few of the benefits that are supported by research! Children and adults can both benefit in visible ways from learning to play the piano.

Katie's Approach Is Totally Different!

“I would recommend Up the Scale Academy to any parent looking for a great piano experience for their kids. Katie takes a totally new approach to teaching children and teens not only to love music, but also the technique behind making music. Each week my kids enjoy a positive, upbeat environment, where momentum and progress is rewarded. They benefit from a full hour of instruction and team learning each week. They love working with three highly qualified teachers at every lesson as they learn about scales, chords, improvisation, and book work. They have a peer, who is their partner, who acts as a reinforcer, motivator and cheerleader while they grow into music together. While my kids have a structured set of goals that they set for practicing each week, I often find myself having to pull them away from piano playing to get ready for school on time.

– Sarah Johnson, Draper, Utah

We Love Up The Scale Academy!

“We love Up the Scale Academy! We currently have two children taking lessons, one is a nine year old boy and the other is a six year old girl. They have very different personalities. Katie is excellent understanding how to teach and deal with each child. She carefully considers the level of skill in finding the best partner for them to be with at lessons. They are making amazing progress. We still deal with encouraging and prodding our children to start practicing occasionally, but when they get started sometimes they just keep on playing. They are learning to love music and not just play it. We would recommend Up the Scale Academy to anyone looking for piano lessons.”

– Richard and Teneil Hansen

Katie Makes Piano Fun!

“From the moment our kids started taking from Up the Scale Academy, their love for piano started to soar! Bottom line, Katie makes piano fun. As part of the learning curriculum, the kids get to choose piano pieces that they actually want to learn which keeps them interested and wanting to practice. As parents we love hearing our kids practicing the new “Coldplay” or “Frozen” Soundtrack songs that they are excited to learn. And it’s incredible how quickly they learn the song and move on to something new. We are amazed at how much they have progressed in only a year with Up the Scale. Katie’s approach to teaching lessons is different than the traditional way that most of us were taught growing up. I truly wish she would have been my piano teacher back when I was a kid as I’m sure I would have stuck with it and would be able to play today!!”

– Alex Buxton

I'm So Glad I Gave It A Try

At first I was a little apprehensive to trade my kids’ traditional half hour private lessons for Up the Scale’s “out of the box” group approach. After all, with 4 kids playing now, I had already invested thousands of dollars in their piano education. But I’m so glad I gave it a try. My oldest children are much more motivated to play. They love the individual attention they get from Katie and how she tailors what they are learning to their interests. They have been composing songs that they are excited about as well as progressing in their technical skills. I can tell that they are being challenged and kept track of on an individual basis and that their teachers are prepared for their lessons with songs that will interest them. Yet they really enjoy having their lessons in a challenging, but relaxed atmosphere with their friends.

– Desiree Preston

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